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All of our hunts take place on private property in the North West corner of Utah in Box Elder County near Grouse Creek City. The property consists of over 33000+ acres of mule deer paradise. Rolling hills, Sage Brush flats, Alfalfa Fields, deep pine tree covered draws and peaks reaching above 8,500 feet describe the breath taking scenery of our property. The property will accommodate any type of hunter and hunting party. If you like to hike, we can hike. You will need 4-wheel drive for your spot and stalk hunting. The property is set up perfectly for those of you who want to bring your son, daughter or significant other to enjoy hunting with you. Click on the map below to see the ranch.

Success Rates:
Over the years, the success rate of this property has been 80% to 95% for a 110 -150 BC class buck. This property always produces a handful of bucks that will gross 170-180 BC. The average bucks taken range from 18 to 23 inches with 3 to 4 points on at least one side. Please reference the photo section of the website to see the quality of bucks taken on this property. Please note that some were taken before the 4-point or better restriction was implemented.

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Utah Hunting Properties

Contact Information:

  Gary Webb - Owner
  Phone: (801) 836-8411

Utah Hunting Properties
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